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I´m Daniel García Baameiro

It´s an honor to welcome you to my website 😄 Here you will find my professional portfolio with all the challenges I have faced. If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me!

With Public Institutions

"Lots of little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world"

As a Spanish citizen, I have always considered it my duty to contribute my bit to society in terms of cybersecurity, and what better way than through the public sector by actively collaborating with state security forces and corps, such as the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE), the Civil Guard, the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) and the Ministry of Defense. My collaboration covers assistance in terms of cyber-attacks, participation in international exercises, contribution in national events, training delivery and collaboration in their specific cybersecurity programs. My goal is to contribute to the strengthening of national security in the digital domain and to promote a strong and resilient cybersecurity in our country.


The National Institute of Cybersecurity, an entity under the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, is responsible for promoting and strengthening cybersecurity at the national level. It provides advice, training and resources to protect citizens, companies and institutions against cyber risks.

Guardia Civil

It is a public security corps of a military nature in Spain, responsible for maintaining order and guaranteeing public safety. Within its competences, the Guardia Civil also has units specialised in the fight against cybercrime and the protection of security in cyberspace.


The Joint Cyber Space Command is a Spanish military unit in charge of coordinating and directing cyber defence operations at the national level, protecting the country´s networks and critical infrastructures and collaborating with other agencies to improve cyber security.

National Police

The National Police is an armed institute of a civilian type, with a hierarchical structure whose mission is to protect the free exercise of rights and liberties and to guarantee citizen security, with a scope of action throughout the national territory of Spain.


CESTIC (Centro de Estudios en Seguridad y Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones) is an institution dedicated to research, training and development in the field of computer security and information and communication technologies. Its aim is to promote innovation and knowledge transfer in these areas.

Ministry of Defense

It is the government department in charge of defence and security policy in Spain. This ministry coordinates the Armed Forces, cyber defence policies and collaborates with international organisations in the promotion of global security and stability.

with other entities

Radio broadcaster

I am a person who loves to talk about cybersecurity, computer science and science. During my time at university, I have been able to share my passion for communication through the Podcast El zoo de Schrödinger (ZooUCM) of InforadioUCM. Thanks to Jose, presenter of the program, I had the opportunity to interact with the university community, developing communication skills and oral expression, talking about science topics always oriented to computer science and cybersecurity.

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I love contributing to the open source community and have had the opportunity to contribute to GNU/Linux distributions such as Parrot Security and Debian. Working with other passionate developers, we have improved and enriched these platforms to make them more secure and accessible to all. I have also contributed to projects focused on cybersecurity and education, helping to create tools and resources that allow others to learn and grow in this field. This experience has given me the satisfaction of making a difference in the open source world and in the cybersecurity community. In turn, I have also given talks and participated in events that have allowed me to help others contribute to Free Software.

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  1. Ponencia con título "Git & Github" impartida como taller dentro de la IV Semana de la Informática en el año 2018. La descripción: El taller definitivo para el uso de "git", una herramienta de trabajo imprescindible a la hora de programar. Se explica cómo se usa, y se anima a usarlo en los proyectos de asignaturas como FP, TP, IS, SO, GIW, etc.
  2. Ponencia con título "Introducción a Git y Github" impartida como taller para la asociación LibreLabUCM. La descripción: Aprende a usar la herramienta Git y contribuye a la comunidad del Software Libre..
  3. Ponencia con título "GNU/Linux para dummies" impartida como taller dentro de la III Semana de la Informática en el año 2017. La descripción: GNU/Linux, un potente sistema operativo, gran amigo de informáticos, hackers, programadores, amantes del software libre, curiosos, y de todos aquellos que quieran acogerlo. En este taller os enseñaremos lo básico de cómo funciona, cómo se usa, qué distribuciones hay, y cómo se usa el terminal.